Does a boy eat and sleep alot when his girl is pregnant?

my b/f is sleeping and eating way to much hes gained alot of weight on the other hand im sittin here not eating that much.i think he has took my symptoms!!And one more question i bleed for 8 days and i thought it was a period but it was it possible that i may be pregnant>?? And ive just recently started getting these feelings that hes cheating on me and before i did something with him i would have never thought of him doing that to me.whats up with that?And ive started to get these really strange dark viens on my boobs and sometimes they are sore and when i wake up they feel heavy like woo and i even got stretch marks on them?
Can clamydia change you period days and stuff?
And do you have to feel the sickness coming?i only feel it like when i bend over.does anybody think im pregnant?PLEASE ANSWER ME !!!!!!!!!!~REAL SOON~
If he spends alot of time with you he can have similar symtoms...check out the link on male pregnancy

You could be pregant many women have different experiences...check out the second link

As for chlamydia get a Pap test see the doctor now to find of you are pregnant, have chlamydia or both

the las link is about chlamydia
please see a doctor ASAP, you might be pregnant and sick at the same time. Please see a doctor..
u r pregnant
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My husband ate a lot when I was preggo. But he didn't start that until i was like 6mths when I started getting a big appetite. As for the boobs hurting and the veins on them.. Sounds like a definite sign. U definitely want to get a pregnancy test or see a doc. As ofr having those feelings that he's cheating the best thing 2 do is 2 ASK HIM. And i didn't have morning sickness, so u can still be preggo and not have morning sickness. I didn't find out i was pregnant until i was 16wks! So good Luck and if u want to have a baby CONGRATS
When my wife was pregnant I gained weight too, because of all the weird food she would buy!
Sounds to me like you are! And yes my hubby gained ALOT of weight through out my pregnancy! He knew i was pregnant before i did! He was tired and would get up at like 2 am to pee and bring crackers back to bed with him because he would be feeling ill! um chlamydia is totally treatable i dont think it does anything to your period though but call your Dr take a test find out either way! asap
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