Healing after pregnancy...?

Okay, I know I shouldn't expect a miracle heal here and I know it's been asked before. But from your personal experience after you gave birth did you do anything to help return your body to it's previous stage such as exercise or more like me were you not very active? How long did it take for your body to return (as much as it possibly could) to it previous state and what are some things that I can do to help the process? And is there anything I can do help heal my stretch marks. I know they will probably always be there but I would like for them to fade. I'm not hoping to wake up and suddenly be happy with my body again, but it's just kind of depressing to feel like there is nothing I can do, and feeling the way I do about my body. Especially with me being so young. I would appreciate any wisdom and insight.
It is true that the breast feeding will make the weight drop off, I'm slim build and went back to my normal weight within two weeks. The other 4 pound was through looking after the baby and forgetting to eat ha ha.
Plenty of walks should benefit your fitness, moisturise every day to give your skin the best care.
I didn't have stretch marks but that maybe because I suffered severe eczema while pregnant and had to take medicated baths twice a day and moisturise twice a day.
Don't forget your pelvic floor exercises, you should be given helpful leaflets from your midwife or hospital
Was it natural or c section. I was natural and it took about 2 months to feel 1/2 normal again. I had 3 degree and was very ill. But I think its only a couple of weeks normally.

As for exercise and things just do what you feel you can. Don't over do it. And wear your scars with pride. You carried a child and gave birth. Be proud of what your body can do. It will heal over time.
Breastfeeding does wonders for helping your uterus shrink and dropping the pregnancy weight.

As for the stretch marks, I have heard that this stuff: can help the stretch marks fade more quickly than they would on their own. Definitely won't get rid of them, but a lot of women I've talked to say it faded them out pretty quickly.
i havent had my baby yet but every thing i read says rest rest and more rest as for strech marks im coverd in them and i got this stuff called bio oil its a peach colourd oil and it works great u dont really notice that it is but after 3 months there like gone (my boobs got strech marks before i was even showing i was prego and now u cant tell i had them)
I have 5 children and the best way to retain some of your fitness and pre pregnancy body shape is to take your baby for a walk in the pram. As for your stretch marks I have found bio oil is wonderful.Over time they will naturally fade. Congrats on the bub.
I breastfed. I lost 31 pounds in 10 days. I advise that to any woman. as for stretch marks. when you find something let me know lol
yes theres lots u can do exercise eat right ,the stretch marks shoulda been bein treated while u was pregnant,,,,,u will look wonderful when u r in the dark panting wildly
Hey girl sorry for how you feel
well to start with you need to stop feeling this way
its great to get your bundle of joy and thats the lil price you have to pay for it
if you are really miserable about the stretch marks have you thought of costmetic surgery and if you want them to fade try bio oil , coco butter cream or any vitamin E cream they willl make it lighter.
You need to breast feed a lot and also you need to watch what you eat now i dont suggest you diet or go into any vigorous exercise for now just take it easy you will start to feel yourself soon you need to be a lil patient with yourself
try small workouts and eat the right things
take care
congrats on the newcomer.

breastfeed ad lib (as much as the kid wants). that can lose a lot of weight. especially if you are eating healthily yourself.

and then you can start pulling in that extra skin that's saggy now that a baby's stretched it all out. remember, your abdominal muscles got pulled and pushed every which way, to make room for the growing baby.

contrary to popular belief, situps don't get rid of the pouch. they do help build good muscles though, throughout the midsection.

a great way to workout, especially with your baby. walk... alot.... briskly... pushing your stroller... with a friend so you can talk and "pant" which aerobicizes the body, and helps cut down stored fats.

it also aerobicizes the brain, releases endorphins and helps you feel alot more positive about everything.

stretchmarks do fade on their own, after awhile. just in time, sometimes, for the next baby.

there are products in places like walgreens, target, etc., that have compounds for lessening scars -- i've seen it work wonders on surgical (breast reduction and c-section scars). i've been told, but haven't seen it myself, that they work well on stretchmarks, too.

i don't know hold your baby is, but enjoy him/her. look at stretchmarks as your battle scars, you know. your badges of honor.
Hi There

Congrats on the new addition to your family

Firstly light exercise is essential in the recovery process.

You will need at least 12 months to return your body to "normal", if you are breast feeding the process goes quicker and is also healthier for the baby.

For the stretch marks use pure vitamin E oil and coconut oil this will not only lighten the stretch marks but assist in your skin regaining elsaticity

Generally what I have noticed is that person between 21 and 30 recover a lot quicker.

How old are you and what is the health of your baby like? did you have any complications during pregnancy ?

Let me know how things go

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