Blackheads and pimples between legs eww.?

Ok well since a couple months or maybe a year ago i started getting like pimples and blackheads in between my legs. I shower daily and wash down there with alot of soap and i still get them. Im currently trying the baby powder method lol but i see no results. I also am noticing that im starting to get stretch marks there maybe that is the reason why i have blackheads and pimples? I mean im pretty good with hygene so i dont know why it would be a problem. Any suggestions? What can i do any new methods? Thanks you guys.
treat it the way you would treat any pimple in your face. The best would be to go to a Dermatologist, but if you need a quick remedy try over the counter benxol peroxide and Clearasil acne pads also work great.
If you shave down there you can get the hair follicles infected and it looks like acne. If so, stop shaving. Never heard of blackheads down there.
washing too often can make your skin worse actually, I would say try using an exfoliating body wash, and not to wash to hard or to often on that area.
do not use moisturizing soap. Dial yellow antibacterial only. And do not use pore clogging moisturizers after you shower.
Umm. Well, body acne can be different with every person. Try using blackhead/acne products down there. lol. Sorry, I've never heard of this? Hope it helps.
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