As the year draws to a close, we know that many county governments are struggling to spend all of their CARES Act monies before December 30. Many county governments have come up with unique ways to spend these funds and were generous enough to share their project ideas with us. We hope that counties will benefit from the sharing of these ingenious solutions and we thank you for your collaboration.

If you would like your county's ideas to spend CARES money to be shared on this page, please email Zeke Lee at


Unrivaled realism and versatility for normal childbirth and emergency scenarios CAE Lucina allows clinicians to practice pre-partum assessment, labour and delivery, emergency care and transport all within one wireless patient simulator. With modelled and validated physiology that is integrated with the fetal physiology, Lucina responds automatically to obstetric manoeuvres and clinical interventions. Lucina offers the most complete training in shoulder dystocia management and supports mechanical ventilation. With the addition of the Female Patient Module, Lucina easily transforms into a non-gravid patient for practice of emergency scenarios. Manufacturer's guide


A proven patient simulator for more effective training CAE Apollo is a high- fidelity, tetherless and fully wireless adult patient simulator. CAE Apollo has all of the benefits of CAE’s modeled physiology to allow for more realistic patient behavior and responses to interventions. With tailored configurations for nursing or prehospital programs, CAE Apollo offers versatility and fidelity for individual or team training.
Built on a platform that has been field tested by more than 1,600 customers around the world, the CAE Apollo patient simulator allows learners to gain experience in a wide range of emergency or patient care scenarios. With a CPR analysis feature that is compliant with AHA guidelines, a realistic airway and articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows, arms and hips, CAE Apollo sets the standard for reliability, quality and value in patient simulators. Manufacturer's guide


Nursing programs are challenged with preparing new nurses for today’s hospital environment and sicker patients, even as access to clinical hours has diminished. Simulation can help fill the gap by delivering consistent training and helping learners to develop critical thinking skills. Introducing CAE Juno, CAE Healthcare’s clinical skills manikin and newest offering for nursing programs. Juno is a modern manikin that was designed to meet educational requirements for clinical nursing skills, from task training through advanced patient care scenarios. Manufacturer's guide


Scenario-based training using SimMan 3G perfectly combines the need to identify skill improvement areas for individuals as well as those essential for a team to function together, such as communication, behaviour, and leadership.

  • Completely wireless and self-contained
  • Multiple Airway Skills/Features/Airway Complications
  • Breathing Features/Breathing Complications
  • Cardiac Features/Circulation Features
Manufacturer's guide


SimNewB is a newborn simulator co-created with the American Academy of Paediatrics, designed to help improve neonatal resuscitation and to meet the specific learning objectives of neonatal resuscitation protocols. Focusing on the first 10 minutes of life, SimNewB provides realistic training for critical interventions such as lung recruitment maneuvers and advanced airway management. Manufacturer's guide


SimBaby is a simulator designed to help healthcare providers effectively recognize and respond to critically ill paediatric patients. The SimBaby simulator represents a 9-month-old paediatric patient and provides a highly realistic manikin that meets specific learning objectives focusing on initial assessment and treatment. Manufacturer's guide


From nursing to emergency care, Pediatric HAL (5 YEAR OLD) allows you to train teamwork and patient care skills through hands-on exercises. Pediatric HAL® is wireless and tetherless and remains fully functional while being moved from place to place Manufacturer's guide



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