As the year draws to a close, we know that many county governments are struggling to spend all of their CARES Act monies before December 30. Many county governments have come up with unique ways to spend these funds and were generous enough to share their project ideas with us. We hope that counties will benefit from the sharing of these ingenious solutions and we thank you for your collaboration.

If you would like your county's ideas to spend CARES money to be shared on this page, please email Zeke Lee at

Carbon County

  • Building updates to mental health building to accommodate outdoor sessions, sight obscured from public view
  • PPE for anyone in government entities
  • Small business economic recovery grants

Summit County

  • Expanded testing in the County: purchased 10 rapid antigen test machines and tests for first responders, healthcare workers, and schools who need to know quickly if someone is positive. Utilizing the state contract to purchase these machines.
  • Preparations for mass vaccination clinics, including PPE, equipment, storage, refrigeration, facilities, etc. Purchasing or contracting these materials now before they become hard to get and more expensive.
  • Temporary workers to conduct contact tracing and case investigations to support the County's limited nursing staff.
  • Quarantine facility for individuals who can't self-isolate because they either live in group situations or are visitors/tourists.
  • IT upgrades to improve telework capabilities of county employees: cellular gateway/hot spots for better connectivity in geographically challenging areas where employees live; fiber at Fairgrounds for virtual livestock auction; software; expanded WiFi networks; hardware (laptops, monitors, docking stations, and cameras for virtual meetings and remote work).
  • PPE (masks, glove, hand sanitizer) for county functions/offices and first responders (Sheriff's Office and fire districts)
  • PPE to local businesses (fewer than 100 employees) and vulnerable populations (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, face shields, gowns, shoe coverings, hair nets, thermometers). We also purchased around 5,000 reusable cloth masks branded for Summit County, Park City, and North and South Summit areas that will be distributed to schools, employees, businesses, and guests/visitors.
  • Communications related to COVID-19 health orders, specifically a campaign around the County's face covering health order.
  • EOC equipment: upgrades and to fill gaps for two centers (i.e. conference phones, laptops, printers, scanners, Zoom licenses)
  • Improvements to County facilities to facilitate social distancing and sanitization (touchless appliances in restrooms; UV light sanitization in common areas and near entrances; modifications to workspaces with plexiglass for when employees return to offices)
  • Grant program to small businesses and nonprofits who have been impacted by closures and changes in consumer habits. Monies go toward rent/mortgage relief, utilities, and other operational expenses. MAG is assisting with the application process, communications, and cutting checks. The County's Economic Development Director is the liaison to MAG for this program and is scoring the applications. We used a weighted criteria for the scoring based on if the applicant has received other federal assistance and to emphasize those businesses within sectors that still have not recovered. The program was oversubscribed within the first two days it was open for applications. We are reserving another tranche of funding for this grant program to use on sectors most heavily impacted as we head into the winter season.
  • County payroll for employees working on the COVID-19 emergency response (those who are substantially dedicated to the response and mitigation effort). Includes public health employees, sheriff deputies, county administration, attorney's office, and others.
  • Livestock Sale Booster Fund. Summit County has one of the largest grossing junior livestock auctions in the nation at our County Fair. This year, sales were way down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We contributed to the booster fund to fill in the delta between the value of the animal and what it sold for at auction to help out the youth raising these animals who use these funds for college.
  • Supplement the salary of our Emergency Manager for recovering planning
  • Temporary staff for extra housekeeping in our facilities department, nursing director as we transition to a new director, and DMV for crowd control and to enforce social distancing while people wait in line for in-person counter services.
  • Relief grant program to individuals and families whose incomes have been impacted by business closures and/or layoffs. The County has partnered with a local nonprofit that serves as an umbrella nonprofit over many other nonprofits in the community and has in-depth experience granting monies. They will be accepting applications from nonprofits who provide services to families in need in the areas of rental/mortgage relief, utilities payments, childcare, food insecurity, mental health, physical health, and others.
  • PPE, plexiglass and other COVID-related materials and support to the three local school districts to help them keep students and faculty safe who are doing in-person learning and to support their remote learning options.
  • Funding to the Park City Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau for remarketing tourism facilities and communicating measures our community has taken to keep tourists safe when visiting our County
  • Under consideration is a hazardous pay program, which we may fund with a portion of the County's October tranche/allocation.

Sanpete County

  • PPE
  • Restroom Remodels in County Building
  • Business Grant Program

Morgan County

  • Small business grants
  • Firehouse/EMS building upgrades (added washer/dryer, updated HVAC with UV system to kill germs)
  • Assistance to school district to purchase tablets, add wifi, and build enclosures for bus drivers
  • Purchase of PPE and sanitizing machines for county and school district
  • Point of distribution (POD) supplies for future vaccine distribution
  • Laptops and upgraded county server for remote work capability

Beaver County

  • Grants for Businesses
  • Care Packages for Seniors
  • PPE
  • COVID-19 Sick Leave assistance

Emery County

  • County Covid-related needs
  • Small Business Economic Recovery Grant Program
Each participating city sends their CARES ACT Funds to the County and tells the County how much they will need to cover the city's COVID-related needs. The County then supplies each city their needed funding. Any monies not used to meet city and county needs will be used to fund qualifying businesses within Emery County. Cities are using their funds for:
  • Large pressure washers for sanitizing playground equipment, pavilions, fairground facilities, etc.
  • Office upgrades to enable better social distancing
  • Laptops and electronics for electronic meetings
  • Sanitizing equipment for first responders

Weber County

  • Created interlocal sharing agreement with 13 of the 15 cities in Weber County to design, implement, and fund small business grants. The first round awarded $7.4m across 475 businesses. 181 additional businesses have applied for the second round grants.
  • Formed interlocal agreement with Ogden City. The county will share up to $3m of its CARES funding to assist non-profit applications county-wide and processed through Ogden City's CARES program.
  • Awards to schools and hospitals
Several cities are now sharing their unused portions with the county for countywide needs.