Welcome - We love our business partners! Not only do they make our events more fun; partners also provide invaluable training and solutions to county problems our members face each day. The contributions made by exhibitors greatly subsidize the costs of our conferences each year. This assistance is a tremendous help and stretches limited county budgets.

Why be an Exhibitor?

  • Enjoy one-on-one interaction with Utah's top elected county leaders

  • Save time and money by marketing your products and services to representatives from all Utah counties in one place

  • Build rapport and increase business with UAC members and other corporate partners

Want to sponsor an event or promote your organization further at this year’s Annual Convention? Learn about becoming an event sponsor here.

*Note: The Convention has been moved to virtual only. More information can be found on the UAC Convention page. More information regarding options for Exhibitors through the virtually conference will be posted ASAP. Please email Bryan Rodgers at bryan@uacnet.org if you have any questions.

exhibitor registration details

Exhibitor registration cost is $850. This includes:

  • Inclusion on a master list of vendors, sent to all potential attendees in a pre-event mailing;

  • Two admissions to the Convention (no meals included);

  • Nametags;

  • 6’ draped table, 1-2 chairs (please note: all tables must stay against the wall); and

  • A logo and paragraph (50 words or less) describing your company or organization included in official conference exhibitor guide (given to each attendee and posted online).


Meals are not included in Exhibitor Registration, but tickets to Thursday's and Friday's lunches and Friday's banquet can be purchased below.

Registration must be complete and fees must be paid at time of registration. The last day to register is November 4. **Booths sell out quickly. There are no guarantees that booths will be available November 4.**

General Convention information can be found here.



Exhibitors must read and agree to these terms.​ Registration will ask for confirmation of this.