Elections for 2021 UAC Board of Directors will take place during the 2020 Virtual UAC Convention. Candidate information will be posted below.

uac 2nd vice president

Gina Worthen

Cache County Council

Remember the Donny & Marie show from the 1970s? Their catch phrase was, "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock 'n' roll." Well, being from Cache County, I am a little bit country and a little bit...urban! That perspective will be a strength as I work to address and support the needs of both the large and the small counties in UAC. My commitment to you is accessibility, engagement, and service.

Randy Elliott

Davis County Commissioner

Why am I running for more work and a lot more stress? The answer to the age-old question is we need good folks like me who have an understanding of both urban and rural issues in the UAC leadership team. I bring a prospective of an urban Commissioner where the city grew up around my once rural family farm. As a rural cowboy at heart living in an urban county, I have especially enjoyed the bonds created with other county elected officials. I often refer to you all to my wife as my extended family. We sometimes disagree and argue a little but at the end of the day we would take the shirt off our backs to help each other when the need arises. That's what I love about UAC and would be honored to serve you.

uac secretary

danny perkins

garfield county sheriff

sheri dearden

millard country treasurer

I am excited to run for the office of secretary for UAC. I believe that UAC is a great organization and is beneficial to the entire state of Utah. To my knowledge there has never been a sheriff on this board. In these times especially, I think that it’s very important  for our elected officials to work together. I know that there will always be some disagreements between elected officials, but here in Garfield County I have learned that when you work together with your elected officials you can accomplish great things. I am also very aware of the different interests between rural and urban areas, such as jail contracting and COP money. If elected, I will always remember that it’s important to try and protect everyone’s interests. I can bring these traits with me if I am elected to the UAC Board. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

I am running for Secretary on the UAC Executive Board for 2021 because I believe that UAC has a responsibility to provide each county, each affiliate group, and each individual with value for their membership. I will work to ensure that UAC continues to provide this value through legislative/policy advocacy, intergovernmental relations, educational/training, and member engagement opportunities.


Reasons to vote for Sheri:

EXPERIENCE – 2 years on the UAC Board of Directors, 4 years in the Treasurer’s affiliate leadership including serving as President and receiving Treasurer of the Year.

EFFECTIVE – worked on a compromise to keep diverse representation on the UAC Board.

EFFICIENT – thrives on organization and is willing and ready to put the work in!



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