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The Utah Association of Counties (UAC) is a voluntary, statewide organization whose members are the 29 counties of Utah. The counties, through their elected officials, direct UAC activities in providing services to county officials.


UAC was formed in 1924 to help counties provide effective county government to the people of Utah. The private, non-profit organization offers a broad range of management, training, and intergovernmental relations services to counties, including commissioners and other elected officials (affiliates).


UAC’s purpose is to improve the operation of Utah’s county governments and thereby improve the quality of services which counties provide to their residents.

UAC is dedicated to:

  1. Securing state and federal legislation and administrative action that is beneficial to the counties of Utah and to county residents.

  2. Providing forums whereby county policy can be formulated so as to represent the interests of all counties and all elected officials in county government.

  3. Assuring the continuance of a single unified strong voice for county governments in Utah.

  4. Enhancing the professionalism and performance of public county officials in county government.


What’s in it for my county?

There are no college or university degrees offered in administrating county government. Often the learning curve for newly elected officials is steep. However, you have a valued partner in UAC. We are here to help.

UAC offers a myriad of services and benefits to you as elected officials, and to your county as a whole. From elections to retirement, or from budgeting to filing lawsuits, UAC can assist you with solid communications, educational services, research, and financial assistance programs.


Training and Education

From the time you are elected into office, UAC offers training opportunities to help you better understand and perform your duties. The newly elected officials training takes place within the first few months of being in office and is a precursor to UAC’s ongoing training programs that aim to educate and collaborate. UAC offers four major training opportunities throughout the year:

  1. County Officials Day at the Utah State Capitol (Utah Legislative session in February)

  2. Management Conference (April)

  3. Affiliate Summer Workshops (Summer/Fall)

  4. Annual Convention (November)


Legislative Representation

UAC represents county government at the Utah Legislature and the US Congress. We work to protect the interest of Utah counties by monitoring actions taken by the numerous state and federal agencies. Although the Legislature meets for a brief 45-day session each January through March, it is a continual year-long process that requires extensive research, monitoring, and communication with legislators and our members.


Legal Services

At times, the only way to protect and advance the interests of Utah’s counties is through court action. UAC participates in judicial action on an as-needed basis, except in the area of appeals and litigation of centrally assessed property taxation. In this arena, UAC actively monitors tax appeals before the Tax Commission and selectively prepares cases with an estimate of value to present to the Commission. In doing this, UAC has helped keep counties from losing out on millions of dollars in property tax value that would have otherwise shifted to homeowners and away from businesses.


Information and Research

UAC is a research and information service for counties. If you ever have any questions or run into a roadblock, call UAC for help. We can find solutions and have nearly 100 years of experience dealing with the complexities of county governance, particularly as it pertains to federal, state, and local government issues.

Cost Savings

UAC has contracted with many private companies to provide buying power for all 29 counties, which lowers your county’s overall cost. UAC also works with the National Association of Counties (NACo), utilizing their nationwide buying power to save you more.

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