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Public Surplus Property and Tax Sale Discount Program

UAC has partnered with the Public Surplus group to provide large discounts for our county members. Once registered, counties will receive massive savings on any online sale that is done through the Public Surplus auction platform.


Public Surplus has grown to become the largest Government Auction service in the United States. Their experience and innovative online portal help streamline the tax sale process that counties are obligated to perform. Register now to begin receiving your discounts. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to Bryan Rodgers at

Public Surplus was founded in 2001 by Derek McFarland in Provo, Utah. Over 6,000 total government entities use Public Surplus every year. Over 7 million citizens attend a Public Surplus Auction every day. Public Surplus is proud to partner with UAC and to help innovate the government auction sector.

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