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Utah Behavioral
Healthcare Committee

What Is UBHC?

The Utah Behavioral Healthcare Committee, or UBHC, is a committee organized and staffed by UAC so that Local Authorities can discuss and enhance public behavioral healthcare and advise the UAC Board of Directors on issues related to public behavioral healthcare.

UBHC performs the following duties:

 1. Develops and provides data, methodologies and information that supports and enables the following:

  • Consistent, seamless statewide services that are high quality, easily accessible and cost-effective; 

  • Evidence-based prevention, treatment, and collaborative care to achieve client recovery; 

  • Sharing of specialized services and information, and national, state and local policy and management decisions that benefit the whole system. 

 2. Enhances the image and reputation of the public mental health and substance abuse systems with public policy and funding bodies, public social service, health and educational systems, clients and families, and the public. 

 3. Develops funding requests and revisions to policies and laws that address statewide growth in unmet client needs, improves system effectiveness, and allocates financial responsibility equitably for current and future needs. 

 4. Responds to the needs of members and Local Authorities, achieves organizational goals, and delivers agreed-upon members services and products. 

A UAC staff member is dedicated to assist UBHC. UBHC also partners with UAC to contract with lobbyists to help legislators understand the need for a robust statewide behavioral healthcare system and the steps needed to get there.

If you have any questions about or need to get in contact with UBHC, please email Katherine Rhodes at

UBHC Board

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