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In the 2023 General Session, SB 174 created a new framework for the review and approval of subdivisions. Consequently, counties are mandated to revise their local ordinances to align with the newly enacted state code, specifically UCA 17-27a-604.1, 604.2 and 604.9. To support counties' efforts on this crucial initiative, UAC has secured a grant intended to help UAC facilitate with each county legislative body, elected county attorney, planning department, and other stakeholders to provide legal and planning support as counties update their subdivision ordinances and codes. UAC has engaged the services of KCJR Legal to provide valuable assistance throughout this process. This collaboration encompasses a range of services, including:


  • Conducting quarterly training sessions on the new subdivision review and approval process,

  • Providing sample ordinances and training materials, and

  • Facilitating coordination opportunities with experts to ensure the prompt adoption of new ordinances.


UAC is firmly committed to recognizing the significance of local control in land use planning. We are dedicated to assisting our member counties in preserving their autonomy and legislative authority as they navigate the altered landscape introduced by SB 174. 

A DWS grant awarded a $400,000 grant to UAC for support services to counties through Jan. 31, 2025.

SB 174 Training
Nov. 8, 2023
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2024 Legislative Session Changes
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