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Utah's 29 Counties

Each of the 29 counties in Utah is unique and beautiful with its own communities, landscapes, and resources, as well as its own struggles. We do all that we can to help each county with those struggles to make it a better place for its residents.

Counties are separated into six different classes according to population size. Generally, they follow the population numbers below:

   -First Class: 1,000,000 or more

   -Second Class: 175,000 - 999,999

   -Third Class: 40,000 - 174,999

   -Fourth Class: 11,000 - 39,999

   -Fifth Class: 4,000 - 10,999

   -Sixth Class: Less than 4,000

The Lieutenant Governor is in charge of monitoring the population figure for each county, and if a county's population has changed sufficiently, they will prepare a certificate indicating the change of classification and making the change official.

Utah Code 17-50-5.

2023 County Classifications.jpg

County Classifications

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