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2023 Calendar

Jan. 17                  Utah 2022 Legislative Session Begins

Jan. 18                  County Officials Day on the Hill


Feb. 11-14             NACo Legislative Conference - Washington, D.C.


March 3                 Last day of Utah 2022 Legislative Session


April 4-5                UAC Building Utah Conference – Dixie Convention Center, St.                                         George, UT


April 26                 UAC Board of Directors Meeting - Salt Lake County

April 27-28            UAC Management Conference – Salt Palace Convention Center,                                     Salt Lake City, UT


May 17-19             NACo WIR Conference – Hosted by Washington County, St                                             George, UT


June 28-29           UAC Justice Summit


July 21-24             NACo Annual Conference – Austin, TX


August                  No events planned

Sept. 6                  UAC Board of Directors Meeting - Ruby’s Inn, Bryce                                                           Canyon, UT

Sept. 7-8               USACCC Fall Conference - Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon, UT


October                 No events planned


Nov. 14                  UAC Board of Directors Meeting – St. George, Washington                                             County

Nov. 15-17             UAC Annual Convention - Dixie Convention Center, St. George

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