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Economic Development


In Utah, there are nine different types of elected county officials: assessors, attorneys, auditors, clerks, commissioners/councilmembers, recorders, sheriffs, surveyors, and treasurers. Each of them has an individual role that is spelled out in the Utah law, and some even have role-specific certifications. In order to run for county office, a person must be a U.S. citizen and a registered voter, and must have lived in the county they are running in for at least one year. Once elected, an official takes the oath of office in the Utah Constitution in Article IV, Section 10. Some counties do not have a large enough population or enough in taxable property to have each of the different county officials, but all county elected officials work hard to provide the best service possible to their constituents.

Learn about each of the positions below.

What does a County Assessor do?

What does a County Attorney do?

What does a County Auditor do?

What does a County Clerk do?

What does a County Commissioner/Councilmember do?

What does a County Recorder do?

What does a County Sheriff do?

What does a County Surveyor do?

What does a County Treasurer do?

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