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The National Opioid Settlement is a direct result of investigations into manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of opioids, which revealed that these parties were aware of the dangers of opioids before they became popular on the pharmaceutical market and not only hid that information, but also used unethical practices in marketing and pushed doctors to prescribe opioids. Attorneys General and County Attorneys across the nation pressed for recompense, and the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have been reaching settlements with participating governments since 2022.

This money is not meant to make up for the lives lost to the opioid epidemic; rather, it is to curb the epidemic and help relieve some of the harm that has been caused. The funds are to be used directly for opioid remediation and abatement.

All of Utah's counties, as well as the State, have elected to participate in this settlement. As a result, the National Settlement Fund Administrator, BrownGreer, collects payments from the defendants and distributes them to the State and counties based upon the percentages decided upon in the Utah MOU that all counties and the State signed.

Additional settlements may be reached with other opioid manufacturers and distributors, which would increase the amount of money counties receive. Counties will be notified of any changes to the settlement.

UAC is not involved directly in the opioid settlement or the distribution or spending of the monies; all updates, payment estimates, and information is provided solely as a service to the counties.

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