NEW! County Manager - Wasatch County

Wasatch County is seeking a full time Appointed County Manager to be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for Executive and Administrative duties of Government operations. Salary range $105,000-$150,000 DOE plus competitive benefit package.

Requires a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Management,
Law, or a related field with a Master’s Degree preferred. Minimum of Five (5) years management level
experience in Government or Business Operations. Candidate must establish residency within Wasatch
County within first six (6) months of hire. Competitive benefit package includes: Health insurance, Utah
Retirement Systems retirement plans, holiday, vacation, and sick leave time. Wasatch County Applications
and a complete job description are available from the Wasatch County Personnel Office at 55 S 500 E
Heber City, 84032 or online at www.wasatch.utah.gov.

Completed Wasatch County Employment Application, copy of resume including copy of college
transcripts, and three (3) letters of professional recommendation must be submitted to the Personnel Office
at the above address or by email to personnel@wasatch.utah.gov by 5:00 PM Friday, August 20, 2021.
Wasatch County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Example of Duties:

• Assists in the preparation of the annual budget as provided in Section 17-52-701(1) (C), and presents a
recommended operating budget, capital improvements program and long-range strategic plan for all County
operations for review, revision, and approval of the County Council.
• Monitors the execution and management of the budget.

• Proposes policies, programs, and strategic plans for efficient operation of County government, aimed to
address current and future overall County needs and services for review, revision, and approval by the
County Council.
• Makes recommendations for policy changes, reassignments of resources and modification of priorities as
necessary to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency within County government.
• Recommends and assists in compiling agenda items for the County Council meetings.
• Attends and participates in council meetings and discussions.
• At the Council’s request, acts as intergovernmental liaison, including all special service districts, on behalf
of Wasatch County and the County Council, with attention to intergovernmental relationships, appearance
before legislative groups, and at policy meetings.
• Acts as the liaison to the news media for Wasatch County.
• Assigns duties with respect to coordinating the direction and administration of County government through
assignment of work, developing plans and objectives and program review.
• Supervises and coordinates the work of departments, districts, and agencies under the direct jurisdiction or
fiscal control of the County Council through program review, fiscal control, and administrative overview.
• These departments do not include elected official offices of: Attorney, Assessor, Clerk, Recorder, Sheriff,
and Treasurer.
• Enforces all policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the County Council.
• Coordinates the administrative services of County departments and agencies. Provides technical assistance
to such departments, offices, agencies, and boards as needed.
• Monitors and provides regular reports on significant issues vital to the overall health, well-being, and
interests of Wasatch County; including reports addressing the adherences by County departments to budget,
accounting, purchasing, personnel, and other administrative policies of the County.
• Negotiates and executes contracts for the purchase of goods and services. Signs all documents or
instruments on behalf of Wasatch County, with the advice and consent of the County Council; including
• County contracts and bonding documents in compliance with all ordinances regarding the processing of
County contracts and similar undertakings.
• Reviews or causes to be reviewed the Comprehensive General Plan and Master Zoning Plan of Wasatch
• Provides guidance to departmental staff including employment, compensation, training & development,
performance evaluation, supervision, discipline and termination in accordance with Personnel Management
Act, County ordinances and policies, procedures, and practices.

For the entire job description, please view the document here.

Operator II/Driver - Tooele County

Tooele County is seeking a Operator II/Driver to join our team. The Operator II/Driver will perform skilled journeyman level equipment operation to construct, maintain, and repair and help with the day to day functions of the Solid Waste Facility within Tooele County. Must provide a copy of a current driving record and a copy of your CDL license.

Example of Duties:

• Daily transfer of waste hauling, municipal waste hauling
• Maintenance and daily inspection of loaders, dozers, roll offs, excavators, forklift and skid-steer
• Sort, push, bury, compact Municipal Solid Waste
• Assist in delivery and maintenance of residential garbage cans and compact sales
• Works on tipping floor and other areas with garbage, sorting, manually handling etc.
• See full job description for other duties

Must have the ability to operate a loader, dozer, grinder, excavator, forklift and skid steer. Must have and maintain a minimum certification of 2 pieces of heavy equipment from the following list: dozer, wheel loader, tub grinder, excavator, and roll off truck. Knowledge of mechanics; knowledge of landfill operation and requirements; knowledge of safety practices, working knowledge of fire hazards; and the ability to assist in repairs. Ability to perform mechanical and operational maintenance adjustments to equipment.

For more information or to apply, visit https://tooelecounty.applicantpro.com/jobs/


Open until filled.

Road Operation Specialist I-III - Tooele County

Tooele County is seeking a Road Operation Specialist I-III to join our team. The Road Operation Specialist I-III will perform semi-skilled heavy-duty truck driving duties to haul or tow a variety of materials, equipment, tools and will be engaged in the construction, maintenance and repair of roads.

Example of Duties:

• Drives ten-wheel tandem axle trucks and trailers, to haul asphalt, gravel, sand or similar materials.
• Operates semi-tractor or ten-wheel dump truck to pull low-boy or tilt deck-trailer to transport heavy equipment such as loader, backhoe, grader or dozer from one job to another.
• Performs weather related flood control work and snow removal duties.

Must have working knowledge of road construction practices and techniques; knowledge of driving practices and problems; some knowledge of mechanics; knowledge of road conditions and their effect on driving practices; working knowledge of laws pertaining to the operation of heavy vehicles. Skills in operating a variety of heavy-duty trucks; skills in controlling and handling trucks with heavy loads under a variety of road and traffic conditions.

For more information or to apply, visit https://tooelecounty.applicantpro.com/jobs/


Open until filled.

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